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Grand Manner Magazine Editor Rhonda Love:
How would you describe Joan Collins?
Joan Collins: "I’ve always had a certain mystery about me...I am very different than the Alexis, bitch character I played in Dynasty, I used my talents to play the part. I did the same in Star Trek and any other character I played. For me to describe Joan is very hard to say. I’m a straight forward person, energetic, adore my family, husband...and I do what is necessary to do"

RL: What’s a typical day for Joan?
JC: "I like to eat donuts...drink wine, and write...I’m working on my next book and I am excited about working on this new play, a comedy called "Legends" co-starring Linda Evans.

RL: That sounds great! Tell me about our family?
JC: "I have two daughters and a son. My son Sacha is a well known artist. His work is on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Philadelphia. My other daughter Tara lives in the south of France with her partner. They have two children, a 2-year old and a 7-year old. My other daughter Kathy lives in London.

RL: Tell me about your home
JC: "I’m a very lucky girl, I have an enviable life...I have a place in London, a Villa in the South of France on the Riviera and a place in New York City. I have a happy marriage and I adore Percy."

RL: "How many marriages did you have?"
JC: "I’ve been married five times."

RL: Can you share with Grand Manner any beauty tips or secrets?
JC: "No, tell your Readers to read my book, My Secrets"

RL:  Who is your favorite fashion designer?
JC:  "My favorite fashion designer is Ralph Lauren.  I love Ralph Lauren's clothes!  I hate the fashion designers of today, they need to make clothes to fit women versus than the woman rearranging her body to fit in the clothes."

RL:  Do you foresee a Joan Collins clothing line?

JC: "Yes, and designer perfumes. I am very interested in the fashion business"

RL: A talent such as yours that is discovered, revealed, uncovered, reinventing itself over and over again is phenomenal, what can we expect in the future for Joan Collins?
JC: "This past October I played several guest starring roles in UK’s top TV drama "Footballers Wives", which is UK’s version of "Desperate Housewives". In February, I’m making an independent movie called "Lost Everything" in Miami. After my long holiday in the south of France, I’m looking forward to working on the play "Legends." We start the play’s tour next August 2006 in Toronto, Canada. It will run in 25 cities over a 30 week span. The show will then end up on Broadway in New York City. Additionally,
​I have some speaking engagements, and other things I’m working on.

RL: You played divas, vixens on television and in the movies and you played them well. Is there a character you played that you would say did have similarities to the real Joan Collins? And what was your favorite character you’ve played?
JC: "Helen Junot, which I played in the miniseries "SINS:" which I also produced."

RL: You received a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Drama Series, "Dynasty". What is your take on the awards today from the Academy, Emmy’s and Golden Globe, is the glamour still there?
JC: "Yes, I think even more."

RL: You told Grand Manner in the interview that your favorite actress is Cate Blanchett, why is she your favorite? And who is your favorite male actor?
JC: "Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Judi Dench because they all work tirelessly at their craft. For the same reason I love DeNiro, Pacino, Hackman, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington, amongst many others.

RL: Joan you’ve been married five times and this time is sounds like you have the perfect man although he is younger than you. What advice would you give to women in choosing the right man? Should age be a factor? Describe the man in your life right now?
JC: "Never stop trying and never settle for second best."

RL: Plastic surgery is all over the media right now. There are rumors on several celebrities as to whether they had it done or not. I would like to ask and dispel all the guessing and say for a fact what it is. You are stunningly gorgeous! Have you had any plastic surgery done on yourself? If not what are your feelings about it? And how do you feel about the young women and older women that are doing it today?

JC: "No - but I wouldn’t rule it out. However, I would never do Botox or fat injections."

RL: You recently attended a reception for Prince Charles and Princess Consort Camilla at New York Museum of Modern Art. What is your relationship with the royal family and what are your feelings about Prince Charles and Camilla?
JC: "I like the royal family and I wish Prince Charles and Camilla all the best."

RL: This is the holiday season, making fabulous dishes is big today, what is your favorite recipe for the season or what are you known for, by your family? Do you make a special cake, pie or special dish?
JC: "I like traditional turkey with chestnut stuffing and all the trimmings. I don’t make cakes or pies but I’ll buy a delicious pecan pie and ice cream."

So, readers, there’s Joan, sweet and to the point. 

Rhonda Love, a well known Gossip Columnist, Media Personality, Socialite and Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief of Grand Manner Magazine appeared and received NATIONAL ATTENTION on the popular CBS Television Show "Entertainment Tonight" for her interview and feature on Actress Joan Collins. She is a A-lister and is becoming a name on the Hollywood scene!

         *  Front Cover and Feature Story Photographs of Joan Collins taken by
            Fadil Berisha

                                                                       -written by Rhonda Love